Amazon Spring Waters (ASW) was established to market and distribute pure spring water from an exclusive source near Curitiba, Brazil.


Extensive surveys and research have established the capability to supply high quality mineral water in large and sustainable quantities in perpetuity.


ASW aims to naturally create and inspire global appeal to those concerned about the environment and plastic waste.


Amazon Spring Waters

Amazon Spring Waters presents the first global bottled water brand from Brazil, with a mission and brand built on the premise of saving the world’s “lungs,” the Amazon Rainforest. The brand has been created to inspire a feeling of goodwill in consumers, making their choice to purchase a bottle of Amazon Spring Waters a choice to heal the Amazon Rainforest and in turn contribute to a healthier global environment.

Amazon Spring Waters (ASW) will extract, market and distribute pure spring water from an exclusive source near Curitiba, Brazil. The quality of the water is described as “excellent” and “similar to Evian” by Dr. Richard Taylor of University College London, a leading world expert on water quality. The water resource comes from a pristine karst aquifer and can provide a near-perpetual supply of superior water at a volume that could make ASW a major sustainable brand in the USA market and beyond.

The Opportunity

According to Zenith Global, the global bottled water under 10L sector is valued at US $149 billion in 2017 and will reach US $179 billion by 2021. The market continues to be driven by a rising global population, urbanization, consumer spending, lifestyle trends, and growing levels of health consciousness. ASW’s success is compelling for the following reasons:

Abundant Quality Source

A resource analysis indicates a near-perpetual supply of pure spring water from a highly protected rural area.

High Quality Spring Water

ASW controls a long-term spring water source of the highest quality that is stable with respect to governmental/regulatory concerns, with a 0% export duty certificate issued for all overseas sales.

Opportunity for Growth

The USA bottled water market, generated approximately $29 billion in bottled water revenue in 2017 and is growing at 7.6% annually.

Amazon Spring Waters

Regulatory Requirements

ASW has fulfilled all Brazilian governmental, legal, and regulatory requirements to commence commercial extraction of water at the site.

Management Team

The management team comprises professionals with expertise in the water, property, finance, legal, and logistics industries. They have been dedicated to this project for over 14 years.

Green Energy

ASW will develop an altruistic, socially conscious image through its efforts to conserve the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon Spring Waters

Water Quality and Analysis by Professor Richard G. Taylor

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