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Batista & Tawil

Advogados Associados Brazilian Legal Counsel Based in Curitiba, Batista & Tawil provides corporate legal advice to companies in various sectors. The firm has expertise in areas such as commercial law, taxation, partnerships, real estate, and employment law.

Cayenne Consulting

Corporate Planning Adam Trueblood, Principal Consultant at Cayenne, has broad experience in new ventures and investor relations. His industry focus is renewable energy and infrastructure, and over time he has developed regional expertise in Latin America.

Terra Engenharia

Engineering and Logistics Terra Engenharia is one of the leading engineering and construction firms in Brazil. Based in the state of Santa Catarina, the company has engaged in projects in sectors such as water, education, health, real estate, and transportation. Terra was founded in 2002.

Michael McCarthy

Financial Operations Mr. McCarthy has more than 20 years of experience developing complex business and financial strategies for international companies. He is the founder and Managing Director of Foras Ventures Group, an advisory firm that provides management and consulting services for cross-border transactions. Earlier in his career he held executive positions at IQ Capital, Merrill […]

Leonardo Schneider

Brazilian Operations Mr. Schneider works closely with the engineers and other consultants hired by ASW to address all aspects of the site management and business development in Brazil. He holds degrees in Communication (Journalism) and Law from the Federal University of Paraná (Universidade Federal do Paraná). He is fluent in English and Portuguese and can […]

Dr. Clara Leung

Director Dr. Leung joined the Amazon Spring Waters team in 2020, and is primary focused on identifying market investment opportunities and tailoring strategic solutions for high net worth investors and institutions. She brings a creative and technical edge to achieving practical solutions to objectives. Dr. Leung possesses experience overlooking business operations in the East and […]

Lawrence Phillips

Mr. Phillips is the visionary and primary driver behind ASW. He is a United Kingdom based
businessman with a wide range of skills including corporate law, initial public offerings, capital
raises, corporate restructuring, and enterprise management. He has spent a large portion of his
career in Brazil, and is ASW’s hands on expert in property development and project management. In
addition to his oversight of ASW, he is an advisor with several high-profile companies in the area of
research and development.