Environmentally Focused


ASW’s water comes from a pristine limestone karst aquifer, which is a very pure source producing spring water with beneficial properties


ASW’s packaging will initially be 100% fully recyclable plastic.


ASW will donate a significant portion of its bottled water revenue to an Amazon Rainforest conservation program

Packaging Opportunities

Bright colours reflect the Brazilian carnival spirit

Clean, minimal and understated bottle shape and design

The Amazon, nature and sustainability at the heart of the concept

Distinct features to represent Brazil's Sugar Loaf Mountain

Bottle shape design Inspired by waterfalls

Bold, lively and energetic advertising to stand apart from the competition. (Disrupter Brand )

The brand has a premium appearance and is positioned low on the bottle so it can be seen even when in hand

Marketing and Distribution

ASW has a distinctive brand related to Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest. The product distribution channels will primarily include National Distributors, National Grocery Chains and Mass Market Retailers.

Market Size and Characteristics

The water beverage industry is highly concentrated among several large firms, none of which offers a distinctive eco-friendly brand, product and packaging similar to that of ASW. In the USA, climate change and recent high-profile droughts such as those in California have heightened consumer concern regarding access to pure and plentiful fresh water.

As noted above, the US bottled water market is $28.7 billion in size and when grouped with other ASW target markets including the UK, France, and Germany, the overall target market increases to $47.9 billion in revenue. ASW will evaluate over time the opportunity to enter the Brazilian market, which is projected to surpass $10 billion in revenue by 2021 and currently has an annual sales volume of 10.8 billion liters. Though a premium brand does not currently exist in Brazil, ASW is reviewing the possibility of entering the high-end restaurant, hotel, and conference sector.

The initial products will be .33 liter, .5 liter, and .7 liter bottles. Prior to commencing national distribution, ASW will undertake a test market survey in an appropriate city to determine consumer acceptance of various product features and then modify the national strategy based upon the results.

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