Amazon Spring Waters

Location and Water Quality

The property consists of 3.04 hectares of land owned by ASW, with two established wells each capable of producing 26,400 liters per hour, or 220 million liters per year. The property has an additional natural well which, subject to further flow-testing, is likely to produce similar output. ASW has rights to an additional 49 hectares of land from which it can engage in extraction of spring water, with these rights granted by the Federal Government of Brazil. Subject to meeting flow-test parameters, ASW is entitled to sink an unlimited number of additional wells on these properties, with each well capable of producing 220 million liters of water per year.


Rainfall replenished aquifer with no contaminants


Practically Neutral PH


Can be Marketed as Spring and Mineral Water

ASW Location and Water Quality

The ASW site just outside of Almirante Tamandaré near Curitiba provides exclusive access to an aquifer that contains plentiful reserves of water that are naturally replenished by rainfall. The water is of exceptional quality and free of the contaminants that often affect spring water in less pristine locations.

The land itself has two stainless steel tubular wells and a natural spring accessible by an aqueduct, with an abundant supply of alkaline spring water in near perpetuity. The water supply complies with national drinking standards (Edict 36/90, Brazilian Ministry of Health) as well as international guidelines for drinking water (World Health Organization Guidelines for Drinking Water 1984 and Hygienic Criteria of Drinking Water Quality 1986). The water is practically neutral pH, and contains no chemical contaminants of an organic nature or toxic metallic elements.

Four years of studies were conducted to gauge all aspects of the water resource and planned operation, including geological surveys, water analysis, environmental impact analyses, pumping technologies, and bottling operations. The water comes from a karst aquifer, which gives it qualities that make it ideal for human consumption. The water can be categorized as spring water in ASW’s primary and secondary target markets in USA, UK, France and Germany. Subject to local regulatory compliance requirements, the water can also likely be marketed as mineral water in these markets.

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